The 2017 Insider’s Guide to Getting a Raise!

Everyone wants to make more money. No matter what kind of job you have currently, or what kind of paycheck you are taking home, you would certainly love to add to your income. Money might not be the only thing you get out of your job, but it is naturally near the top of the list. If you could manage to receive a raise in your current position, or if you could find a new position with a higher salary, your work satisfaction would be sure to improve. Of course, it is easy to say that you want to earn more money. Making it happen? That’s another story entirely. Employers want to keep payroll costs down in order to pad the bottom line, while the rest of your co-workers would like to land raises as well. So how do you actually close the deal on a higher salary? Consider the tips provided below.

Earn a Raise

One of the commonly overlooked aspects of getting a raise is actually doing a good enough job to earn higher pay. Are you going above and beyond the call of duty in your current position? If not, it is likely that your co-workers will step in front of you in the line for higher pay. Hard work is often rewarded in the workplace, so make sure you are demonstrating your desire for advancement by putting in a great effort. If you go the extra mile to impress your boss, you might not need to do anything else – that raise may take care of itself.

Ask for a Raise

If you would like to make more money, you may need directly ask your boss for one. This is an uncomfortable situation for many people in an employment setting, but some companies rarely offer raises unless the employee takes the initiative. As long as you are confident that you have been doing a good job, this is a conversation that should be pleasant and positive in nature. You won’t always come out on the right side in terms of getting what you asked for, but you won’t know until you try.

Before you ask for a few moments with your boss to discuss a raise, take some time to think about what a reasonable request would be. It would be great to be able to double your salary on the spot, but that isn’t likely to happen in most cases. You need to ask for enough money to make a difference on your paycheck, but not so much that your boss dismisses the request out of hand. Do some research on what other companies are paying people in similar positions and base your request on those findings.

Work with an Expert

Another option for pursuing a raise – whether within your own organization or by finding a new position – is to work with an expert in the field. By finding a career coach who can go to work with your interests in mind, you may be able to earn more than you previously thought possible. Yes, you will need to make an investment in this kind of service, but that investment just may pay off in a big way.

Many people skip over the idea of working with a professional career coach, but that is a mistake. Just like any other walk of life, it makes sense to work with someone who has experience and expertise in this area. Services such as those provided by The Job Sauce are extremely valuable, as our team can help to fill in the gaps in your ability to track down a high paying position.

Think of it this way – you are already an expert in your own field, whatever that may happen to be. You are probably not an expert, however, in the world of career development and advancement. Unless you work in this field, you may not know the ins and outs of how people get raises, find new positions, and continue to move forward as the years go by. It would be a shame to have your career get stuck in ‘neutral’ simply because you weren’t willing to contact a career coach to help you take the next step.

Be Positive

If you decide that you are going to pursue a raise in your current organization, one of the best things you can do is to be positive about the company and your experience. During the meeting with your boss, make it clear that you like working for this company, and you would like to keep working there for many years to come. Framing the conversation in a positive manner will help you come to a successful outcome in the end.

This is a place where many raise-seekers go wrong. Negotiations regarding salary often turn negative quite quickly, with the employee taking the classic ‘give me more money or I’ll leave’ approach. This is a poor choice, as your boss is going to feel like you are looking for a way to get out. Don’t give off that impression. Make it plain that you want to stay with the company, but that you feel like you are worth more money for the work you do and the value you add.

It’s Not a Charity

Another common mistake which is made by countless employees is trying to make management feel bad for their situation. For instance, you may decide that you are going to go to your boss and tell him or her that you can’t pay your bills on the salary you currently receive. While it might sound harsh, your bills are not their problem. They want to pay you a salary which they deem to be fair, based on your skills, education, contributions to the business, and more. As you negotiate a new rate, stick to the facts about what you bring to the company and forget about the rest.

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