Reallocating Top Startup Talent

The right talent in the right role is a great company’s secret sauce. We hunt for your unicorn, court them through the hiring process and get them over the line so you can continue to focus on what matters most, scaling your company.

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We are not resume dumpers

  • Our drop-out rate is close to zero.

    We are career coaches turned recruiters and we know how to court the A-players. Our candidate relationship is open and transparent on day one. We know exactly what factors are influencing their decision and give you the edge.

  • We make your recruiting more agile.

    Impactful roles need to be filled yesterday. When you have limited recruiting support or a role that is draining your resources, you can pass us the baton and we will help get you ahead.

  • You grow as a hiring manager.

    We want you and your team to be successful in the long run. During the hiring process, you will be exposed to best practices in both recruiting and career coaching that will elevate your game as a hiring manager.

An unfiltered testimonial from a very important engineering executive

“Let me tell you something….you all DON’T waste my time. You have changed my mind on recruiters. I normally hate them, I think they are scum, they do a shitty job of giving me quality. You all work magic…and the only candidates you send me are actually good…..thank you for listening”

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Our stats speak for themselves.

  • 88%

    Hiring managers pass our candidates to the technical round 88% of the time.

  • 13 Days

    On average, you’ll meet the candidate you sign within 13 days

  • 20%

    On average, you will make an offer to 1 in 5 candidates.

  • Engineering

    Scaling engineering orgs is one of our specialties. Front, back, devops, security, managers, leadership, you name it. We know which companies produce strong engineers and how to poach them, which is why 25% of the engineering candidates we submit end up getting an offer.


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  • Go-to-market Priorities

    When pre-IPO companies are reiterating product-market-fit or capturing more market share, we love to support the roles that ensure this success.


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  • High Priority “Other”

    If it’s a crucial hire and you know who you want, we’ll go get them for you. We fill atypical hires in niche industries because we’re your partner and we want to see your company succeed.


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