Talking About Yourself Is Hard

Getting Saucy With The Job Sauce

Writing your own resume feels like bragging and many top performers are too modest (or too much of a team player) to write their own. My struggle to brag about myself started as an 8-year old artist.


When I was in elementary school, my art teacher noticed my abilities and submitted my drawings to contests in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. 


Then one day one of my best friends (let’s call her Cassie) walked up to me at lunch to say it wasn’t fair that I kept getting these opportunities. Cassie told me the art teacher promised her that her drawing could be our school’s submission when the next contest came around. I remember feeling confused and like I had done something wrong. In that moment I decided it wasn’t good to get excited about my own accomplishments because other people will get upset.


I’m 35 years old now and can clearly see this was a decision made by an 8-year old, consistent with the logic of that age, but it sticks with me. Even now I hesitate or make a self-deprecating when I’m talking about how awesome I am – and I’m pretty awesome!


Talking About Yourself

If you’re anything like me, talking about yourself is hard and writing your own resume is even harder. Just think about it. It’s easy enough to edit your job description to fit in a resume, but what accomplishments are yours vs. your teams? What is the hiring manager actually looking for? What do I need to include to stand out from the competition?


You already know that when a human being is distracted or has a concern (however conscious or not conscious of it we are), it will impact their ability to perform. Sports psychology has taught us that mental blocks impact focus and performance, and even result in injuries. Just like athletes have coaches, you should hire a professional resume writer like The Job Sauce to help you write your resume.


Professional resume writers at The Job Sauce are experts and have hacked the system:

-ATS Testing: ATS stands for applicant tracking systems. Companies predominantly use websites like ZipRecruiter,, and LinkedIn (to name a few) that offer these services to sift through applicants and rank them based on their match to the position.

-Results vs. Fluff: Companies hire you to produce results. Representing your ability to produce results versus just perform a professional function helps a hiring manager see you as an integral part of the time and a means to achieving company goals. You can do this by using data to represent the scope of your accomplishments.

-The Devil is in the Details: Everything matters in a resume: font, type size, spacing, margins, the overall visual feel – all of it. Research shows that employers only spend 5-10 seconds scanning resumes before deciding yes or no. How your resume looks is just as important as how it reads.


Just like an athlete needs a coach to see what they can’t, a professional needs the same for their resume. Resume writers want you to succeed and land that interview. We want you to get the job of your dreams. We understand the true brilliance of accomplishments, we know what your resume is missing, and we know how to help hiring managers see you as the best candidate.


Save yourself the time and effort of writing your own resume. The process can be easy and fun if you hiring an expert who can give you peace of mind and move you closer to your professional goals.

Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell

Jessica is Chief of Staff and VP of Resume Services. She has coached thousands of people in career planning, communication strategies, and relationship building throughout the U.S.

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