I’m glad I took the chance

I’m glad I took the chance to go with The Job Source. Not only was it more affordable than other resume writers out there. Loved the fast responses & instructions how to set yourself up.
Tim reaches out to me & was easy to speak to. Tim sent me everything I needed & what he needed from me. He even checked up on how I was doing on my resume questions.
Tim did an excellent job putting my military resume in a way the civilian sector could read & understand. I’m very pleased w/my final product & look forward to start sending them out. Thank you very much!



Landed my dream job – including a 40% raise salary

Working with The Job Sauce was instrumental in my path to land my dream job after 15 years working in University/ non-profit space. I was at a career cross road having experience in biotechnology, patent law and relationship building, and Scott’s team helped me find a great fit in the AG Tech industry with a 40% salary raise.

Putting into practice setting up informational interviews to get a job referral was mind-blowing. I got the job offer after an intense +2-month (4 interviews) recruiting process that started after a referral originated from an informational interview, which I got through a 1st connector’s intro. I improved my opening line, and background/ experience description through practice in the multiple info interviews I accomplished (+20 info interviews).

I would definitely recommend The Job Sauce to anyone who wants to land their dream job and is struggling with the current recruiting industry. They are experienced professionals who support you throughout the entire job hunting process.



The Job Sauce helped me take a non-traditional path to BBM mgmt consulting 🙂

As I was finishing up grad school in a STEM field but looking to take a sharp turn into management consulting, I was referred to The Job Sauce for advice. I walked away with some solid career coaching and a new resume that re-framed my experiences for a completely different career. Thanks to the wonderful people at the Job Sauce, I’m happy to say that I was able to land job offers at several leading firms! Highly recommend their services.


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