The 2020 Insider’s Guide to Getting a Raise!

Get a Raise with These Tips

Everyone wants to make more money. No matter what kind of job you have or the paycheck you take home, you’d love to add to your income. Money might not be the only thing you get out of your job, but it is naturally near the top of the list.


It’s easy to say you want to earn more money. Making it is another story. So how do you actually close the deal on a higher salary? Consider the tips provided below.


Earn a Raise

It all starts with earning a raise. If you aren’t going above and beyond, your boss isn’t likely to vouch for you getting a raise. Hard work isn’t always rewarded, but you’ll be in for a rude awakening if you ask for a raise while underperforming. If you go the extra mile, you might not even need to do anything else – that raise may take care of itself if you work for a company that gives merit-based raises annually.


Ask for a Raise

If you want to earn more, you probably need to ask for it. This can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. Most companies don’t offer annual raises, so you need to make a point to convince your boss they should pay you more. If you’re excelling, this conversation can go better than expected. Raises are never a sure thing, but you won’t know till you try.


Before discussing a raise with your boss, take the time to know what’s a reasonable request. It’s valuable to know your market value and ask for an amount that would make a difference for you without being too large an ask. Research what other companies are paying using a resource like Glassdoor and base your request on those findings.


Work with an Expert

If you’ve never asked for a raise before, it’s worth working with an expert working with an expert. By working with a career coach, you’ll likely earn more than you previously thought possible while making your boss see you as even more valuable.


Many people think they can read a few articles like this one and be all set. But just like any other high stakes area of your life (like your home’s plumbing), it makes sense to work with someone who has experience and expertise in this area.


Think of it this way – you’re already an expert in your own field, whatever that may be. You’re probably not an expert, however, in the world of career development and advancement. Unless you work in this field, you may not know the ins and outs of how people get raises, find new positions, and continue to move forward as the years go by. It would be a shame to have your career get stuck in ‘neutral’ simply because you weren’t willing to contact a career coach to help you take the next step.


Be Positive

If you decide you’re going to pursue a raise in your current organization, one of the best things you can do is to be positive about the company and your experience. During the meeting with your boss, make it clear that you like working for this company and you want to keep working there for many years to come. Framing the conversation in a positive manner will help you come to a successful outcome in the end.


This is a place where many raise-seekers go wrong. Negotiations regarding salary often turn negative quickly, with the employee taking the classic ‘give me more money or I’ll leave’ approach. This usually doesn’t work. Make it plain that you want to stay with the company, but that you feel you’re worth more money for the work you do and the value you add.


It’s Not a Charity

Another common mistake made by countless employees is trying to make management feel bad for their situation. For example, you may decide you want to tell your boss that you can’t pay your bills on your current salary. It might sound harsh, your bills aren’t their problem. They want to pay you a salary they deem to be fair, based on your skills, education, contributions to the business, and more. As you negotiate a new rate, stick to the facts about what you bring to the company and forget about the rest.


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Scott Swedberg

Scott Swedberg

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