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Whether you just got laid off or you’ve been searching for a new job for a year, getting career support from a professional can be the key to landing your dream job. Sometimes it’s just a jumpstart, sometimes it’s the thing that made the difference. Either way, we want to help, that’s why we’re offering a series of services for free:


• Free Resume Review

• Free Salary Negotiation Consult

• Free Career Consultation Call

• Free COVID-19 Job Search Webinar for professionals

• Free COVID-19 Job Search Webinar for undergraduates


Use one or all of our free career services, and share with whoever you think would benefit from using them. We’ve helped over 20,000 job seekers since 2014 and we’re the highest rated career services company on TrustPilot.


Free Resume Review


Get actionable feedback on your resume, so you can improve it yourself. One of our professional resume writers (not a bot like most sites) will review your resume and tell you what improvements will make the biggest difference, including:


• Uniqueness and impact of written content

• Style and formatting critique

• Keyword optimization


This guidance will help you maximize your odds of landing an interview and offer.


Claim Free Resume Review Here.


Free Salary Negotiation Consultation


How do talent acquisition professionals decide what salary to offer when extending an offer? They typically have a predetermined budgeted range and they choose a number based on your perceived value. But the number they choose isn’t a measure of what you deserve, it’s a measure of what you negotiated.


The true negotiation happens well before you receive an offer: it happens in the screening call.


Learn how to handle initial screening call questions about your target compensation or salary history in a way that has recruiters see you as a high value candidate and maintains your leverage when the offer is made. We’ll teach you how to do this on a 15-minute salary negotiation consult.


Claim Free Salary Negotiation Consult Here.


Free Career Consultation Call


Your next job search will be different than your last, and it won’t be the same as your colleague’s. Each search is unique, with its own challenges. On this call, a career consultant will:


• Help you identify your unique obstacles

• Coach you on how to overcome them

• Share about any of our services that would help (if applicable)


Countless professionals have said this one call made the most significant difference in landing their dream job, and we’re offering it for free.


Claim Free Career Consultation Call Here.


Free Mock Interview Tool


Effective interviewing is an art that’s difficult to learn, but someone can go from average to great by following industry-tested advice. Our mock interview tool has you record an answer to common interview questions, allowing one of our master coaches to review it and send you actionable feedback. All advice is customized to that individual and comes with further guidance and resources to support intentional practice.


Implement this feedback to reliably advance deeper into interview processes and secure more job offers!


Claim Free Mock Interview Here.


Free Advice via Pure Horseradish Podcast


This isn’t your grandfather’s podcast. These quick podcasts are full of powerful, straightforward career advice and raw takes on the evolving job market. Scott (The Job Sauce’s CEO) even peppers in some jokes related to horseradish because no one could talk him out of it.


Full of contests where winners get free services, success stories, and case studies, Scott delivers valuable content and loves to answer listener questions (just email them to [email protected])


Listen to Pure Horseradish on iTunes (also available wherever you get your podcasts)

Scott Swedberg

Scott Swedberg

Scott is Founder & CEO. A former LinkedIn employee, recruiter, and hiring manager, he's known for going out of his way to offer strategic support to anyone he meets.

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