Mock Interview Tool to Ace Your Interviews

Try the Mock Interview. It’s Free!

The Mock Interview is one of the most effective practices for preparing for an upcoming interview. When you practice your answers, you’ll deliver them more confidently.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click “Record Your Answer” (works on all devices).

2. Answer in 60 seconds or less (don’t worry about getting it right).

3. Get one piece of critical feedback within one day.

Use our Mock Interview tool to practice telling the story behind one of your top professional accomplishments from your last role.

Not sure how to structure? Try to SOAR Methodology.

Our clients who used our interview coaching have:

  • Landed their dream job 60% faster than average
  • Negotiated 15% higher offers
  • Reported extraordinary increase to their confidence


Interviewing is an art form – managing being yourself while presenting the best version of your professional self to the interviewer.

Conducting mock interviews, both for general preparation and position-specific prep, is the most reliable way to ensure you’re prepared to interview with confidence.

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“It’s one thing to give someone tools, templates and advice, but it’s quite another to help you effectively practice and prepare for actual conversations — particularly panel interviews and delicate salary/benefits negotiations. Job Sauce delivered!”

-Marcelle F.

“The last time I interviewed for a position was 1982. Job Sauce provided me with all the tools and confidence necessary to engage employers in a “modern age” and achieve the compensation results I required.”

-Ron W.

“My coach helped me get past my nervousness and play to my strengths through a mock interview for the opportunity I ended up accepting. By the time I went into the interview, I felt like I had already landed the job so it was no surprise when I got the offer (a 30% raise).”

-Paul R.