Our Story – About The Job Sauce


LinkedIn hired Scott Swedberg in 2014.


During his tenure, he obsessively studied LinkedIn’s platform while speaking with CEOs about how they hire. He spent his spare time helping friends use these insights to land their dream jobs and get significant raises. His manager noticed his focus and passion for coaching and they agreed it was best to part ways so he could launch The Job Sauce. Scott’s reputation spread like wildfire and The Job Sauce was born.


Scott went to work partnering with industry experts and expanding the coaching team. But the demand for resume services was on the rise, so he turned to someone known by friends as the “resume guru,” Erin Wold. Erin had just left her role as Chief People Officer. She was on the hunt for a side hustle because she was bootstrapping her new fashion company, SilkRoll, which aired on Shark Tank in March 2019. Clients fell in love with her resume work and referrals continued to pour in. The team needed to grow and we needed infrastructure to handle it.


Scott turned to his now co-founder, Eric Fettner. Eric helped launch the most successful vertical at Eventbrite (IPO September 2018) and was ready to take on something new. Ironically, Eric dreamed of co-founding a successful company, in part, so he’d never have to update his resume again! From his work at Eventbrite, he knew that a successful marketplace requires an amazing customer experience. So he got busy designing teams, systems, and processes that drive customer success and ensure quality assurance. 


Building a world-class team was top of mind for everyone. Together, they scouted Jessica Campbell and brought her in as Chief of Staff. She’s known for leading professional development seminars for a worldwide training company, with seminar topics ranging from integrity and leadership to breakthrough thinking technology. Jessica’s focus on organizational transformation and performance management has been a driving force in the company’s growth.

Executive Team


Headshot of Scott Swedberg Chief Executive Officer of The Job Sauce

Scott Swedberg

chief executive officer

Headshot of Eric Fettner Chief Operating Officer of The Job Sauce

Eric Fettner

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Jessica Campbell VP of Resume Services at The Job Sauce

Jessica Campbell

VP of Resume Services

Erin Fettner VP of Strategy at The Job Sauce

Erin Wold

VP of Strategy

Our Career Coaches


Our Career Coaches keep your head in the game to optimize your time spent and ROI in the job search. 


Landing the perfect role at the right company is like dating. It’s a roller-coaster filled with anticipation, confusion, excitement, disappointment, and joy. But when you find a fulfilling dream job, it’s like finding “the one.” It makes the whole process worth it.


Our coaches are based in the US and are certified through iPECNCDA, or ICF. Many hold resume writer certifications from the CPRW and NRWA, and are PHR & SPHR professionals certified through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). 


To stay agile in the ever-changing career landscape, all coaches actively engage in ongoing group training and development sessions where we discuss industry trends, new technologies, and breakthrough coaching methodologies.


Our industry-leading coaches are here to take your whole life to the next level. We hold you accountable and develop your job search skills while you search for “the one.” 


Whether you need coaching around networking, interviewing, salary negotiation or just getting clear on what you want to do next with your life… we’re here to help. 


Schedule a call to learn more.

Our Resume Writers


We help people, like you, land dream jobs and take their career to the next level. It starts with a great resume. Not only are our professional writers elite wordsmiths, with many certified by CPRW or the NRWA, they’re industry experts in their field.


Our in-house, resume writer training program is unique because we train writers to showcase your ability to produce results in your industry like no one else. We brag for you. Your resume gets past the bots. You get your foot in the door.


Meet a Few Writers


Lindsay Hirsch, Hiring Manager 


As a hiring manager herself, Lindsay knows what it takes to catch the attention of a decision maker. She is an Ivy League-educated resume writer who has been with The Job Sauce since the beginning. Lindsay’s fluency in Mandarin Chinese and experience as the founder of an international sourcing company give her an added edge, and her favorite part of this role is the confidence her clients gain in pursuing their dream jobs.


“I literally wanted to cry when I saw my results. My resume was AMAZING and so professional. I could have never developed anything close to what Lindsay did for me. I will continue to use this company and will be referring my friends. The process was easy and time saving for me. Turn around time was three business days. I’m grateful!!!!!” -Tracy G. 


Drew Hackman, Chemical Engineer & Management Consultant


Drew has a broad range of industry experience, from being a chemical engineer in the industrial gas industry to consulting in energy, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, foods and tech to name a few. He has also worked as a management consultant in the healthcare industry on the revenue cycle side, working with large healthcare networks through organizational-wide change management. With more recent experience in the public sector, it’s safe to say he’s well attuned to almost every industry. His experience in hiring and interviewing roles allows him to put himself in the shoes of hiring managers, effectively working with perspectives to help them refine their resumes and bring their best accomplishments to light.


“I will be forever grateful for your efforts on improving my resume. It resonates so much better with me. It accurately showcases what have achieved, what I capable of and bring to the table. I couldn’t have done this without you.” – Chandra V. 


Rachel Adams, National Recruiter


Rachel is an Executive Resume Writer at The Job Sauce and a National Recruiter at Encore Event Technologies based in Chicagoland. She brings almost a decade of corporate and agency recruiting, HR, and resume writing experience for a variety of industries and levels nationwide. She is passionate about helping people articulate their skills and experiences on paper to ensure they get a foot in the door and land the next step in their careers.

“Rachel was wonderful to work with. I’ll have to admit – I was nervous hiring a professional resume editor for the first time, but she made the entire process easy. Now my resume is super punchy and will no doubt stand out in a crowd. Rachel truly cares for each of her clients and will go the extra mile to deliver something they are proud of. I would absolutely recommend her services if you are in the market for a resume overhaul!” -Donelle R


As of August 2019


50+ Niche Writers


100% Based in the US


10,167 Careers Impacted


Partner with a writer who’s an industry expert.


Tailor your goals.


Get a carefully crafted, results-driven resume.