Our Story – About The Job Sauce


LinkedIn hired Scott Swedberg in 2014.


During his tenure, he obsessively studied LinkedIn’s platform while speaking with leaders about their hiring strategy. He spent his spare time helping friends use these insights to land their dream jobs and get significant raises. His manager noticed his focus and passion for coaching and they agreed it was best to part ways. Scott’s reputation spread and The Job Sauce was born.


Scott went to work partnering with industry experts and expanding the coaching team. But the demand for resume services was on the rise the “resume guru,” Erin Wold, to run a pilot. Erin had just left a Chief People Officer role to bootstrap her new fashion company, SilkRoll (aired on Shark Tank in March 2019), but still had the itch for a side project in career development. Clients fell in love with her resume work and referrals continued to pour in. The team needed to a scalable infrastructure.


Scott turned to his now co-founder, Eric Fettner. Eric helped launch the most successful vertical at Eventbrite (IPO September 2018) and was ready to take on something new. Ironically, Eric dreamed of co-founding a successful company partly so he’d never have to update his resume again! From his work at Eventbrite, he knew that a successful marketplace requires an amazing customer experience. So he got busy designing teams, systems, and processes that drive customer success and ensure quality.


COVID-19 turned tech recruitment on it’s head, and the team finally agreed to work some recruiting contracts after years of hearing horror stories of candidate experiences. Vowing to put the candidate first, early successes led to a reliable formula for quickly finding ideal candidates for hiring managers. The Job Sauce Recruiting was born and has since become the primary business focus, serving Seed through Series C companies valuing high-touch recruiting partnerships.

Executive Team


Scott Swedberg

chief executive officer

Eric Fettner

Chief Operating Officer

Lauryn Schroeder

Director of data

Erin Wold

VP of Recruitment