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Our Secret Sauce

  • Personalized Feedback & Recommendations

    Receive line-by-line analysis from an industry-specific, expert resume writer to support you in reviewing and improving your resume - one line at a time.

  • Applicant Tracking System Insights

    Recruiters, resume screening software, and hiring managers skim your resume for keywords to evaluate whether you're a good fit. Increase your odds of landing interviews by seeing first-hand what specific tools, techniques, and industry knowledge are required by your targeted role(s).

  • Fast Turnaround & Premium Support

    Get feedback faster to land interviews sooner. We understand time is of the essence so we’ve designed this service to provide you with insights, feedback, and recommendations that you'll receive within 48 hours of your purchase.

Our Resume Review Packages

Premium Resume Review

Get Critical Feedback

In-line resume feedback to help you generate a resume that sets you apart.

  • High-Level Strategy: General overview of how to strategize and implement changes to your resume to improve its effectiveness and impact.
  • Personalized Commentary: Receive questions, prompts and commentary tailored to you and your professional goals.
  • Quantitative Assessment: Get scored in key areas of resume performance based on criteria that recruiters and hiring managers look for.
  • Applicant Tracking System Analysis: Discover the keywords and formatting changes that will boost your resume’s average ATS acceptance rate.
  • Style & Formatting Critique: Guidance on resume design style and formatting to get the immediate attention of hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Receive your review within 2 business days of purchasing (does not include weekends and holidays).

Success stories

  • Amy S.

    Director of Marketing

    Lindsay couldn’t have made this any easier for me! I’m typically more of a DIY kind of gal but I knew I needed an expert to guide me and I’m so glad I did. My resume really shows off what I bring to the table!

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  • Ben A.

    VP Product Management

    My resume needed more work than I expected, but it was totally worth the effort. Tim showed me exactly what to change and how to change it. Loved the quantitative assessment too. I couldn’t have done it without his help!

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  • Amit P.

    Senior Design Engineer

    My writer was a godsend! Her in-line comments were exactly what I needed to work through the painstaking process of updating my own resume. My ATS score went up 70 percentage points!

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Working with our master resume experts

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Our team of resume writers includes recruiters, hiring managers, and certified career coaches across every industry. We pair you with an expert resume writer in your target industry to help create the ultimate resume to land your dream job. Each writer is certified in-house so you’re guaranteed the best.

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  • Why choose The Job Sauce?
    We have done and continue to do deep market research on what has companies choose who they hire and why. And we have some of the top resume writing talent in the country on our team.
  • What is the Premium Resume Review Package?
    The Premium Resume Review is our most affordable resume package for those who just want some direction to get the ball rolling. You will receive a comprehensive package that empowers you to make the right kinds of changes to your resume to start landing those interviews.
  • How is the feedback determined?
    We will score your resume against two different sets of criteria. First, your resume will be scored based on criteria that recruiters and hiring managers look for. This score indicates how your resume stacks up when compared to top resumes in your industry. Secondly, your resume will receive an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) score based on how your resume measures against the roles and industries you are targeting.
  • Who will be providing my feedback?
    A core team of our professional resume writers provide this premium service. We make sure that not only does the resume coach have experience working with clients in your industry, but also that they can effectively direct you on what actions to take.
  • Can I contact or speak to my resume coach?
    Unfortunately, no. Direct contact with the resume coach is not included with this service.
  • What if I decide I want The Job Sauce to rewrite my resume instead of me?
    If after receiving the feedback results you find that you’d be more comfortable having one of our expert resume writers complete your resume upgrade, you would only need to pay the difference between the two packages. You would still receive each aspect of the Resume Upgrade Package, had you purchased that service from the start.

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