Working with Recruiters in the Age of Remote Job Hunting

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In today’s hyper-competitive job market, there are countless applicants vying for the same roles. Working with a job recruiter remotely can help you level up your search. However, in the wake of the pandemic, working with a recruiter isn’t the same as it was before. The norms of hiring and recruiting have changed, and job seekers need to keep up.

A recruiter can be a strategic partner in your job search—but you need to be tech-savvy and respect the dynamics of a virtual recruiter-recruitee relationship. Below are some ways to be successful in working with a recruiter in the world of remote hiring:


1) Leverage your contacts


Reach out to personal and professional contacts— friends, family, previous employers, mentors, and your university alumni network. Maybe they can introduce you to any recruiters based on their experiences. Mutual connections help create a strong start in a recruiter relationship.


2) Assess recruiters using your own judgment


Even if someone is highly recommended, do your own research before you work with any recruiter. Realizing how recruiters find candidates can help you increase your chances of finding the right job quickly. Consider if the recruiter is organized and tech-savvy. Also, be sure the recruiter is professional, responsive, and makes sure he/she has your best interest in mind.


3) Work with recruiters on LinkedIn


Recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates using keywords that relate to background information such as work history, job title, and university. Be sure your profile is helping them find you. Ask yourself:

• Is my LinkedIn profile optimized with the right keywords?
• Have I changed my LinkedIn settings to notify recruiters you’re open to opportunities?
• Am I a member and active participant in LinkedIn Groups related to my industry?
• Do I engage with industry leaders and the content they produce?
• Are my skills section and endorsement section updated?


4) Find recruiters who understand your niche


Finding a recruiter who fully understands the nuances of your industry is time-consuming but worth it. Working with a recruiter is a smart move for goal-oriented job seekers. Some of the best recruiters tend to be niche, industry-focused recruiters. Remember, only working with non-specialized recruiters on Linkedin has limitations. Use recruiter directories that help you find skilled recruiters who understand your niche.


5) Keep up relationships with recruiters


Work with as many recruiters as possible to increase your chances of success. They realize you’re working with multiple different recruiters, but be considerate and don’t make it obvious. Avoid mix-ups by using a spreadsheet to manage information about the recruiters you’re working with so it’s not awkward. Show recruiters that you remember small details about your interactions with them. 


When you build professional relationships with recruiters, you’ll be happy with how eager they’ll be to work with you. However, remember that recruiters won’t be helpful for you if you don’t already know your preferred role. Foster connections with recruiters that go beyond the surface level, and understand that relationship building takes time. 


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Scott Swedberg

Scott Swedberg

Scott is Founder & CEO. A former LinkedIn employee, recruiter, and hiring manager, he's known for going out of his way to offer strategic support to anyone he meets.

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