Hanging In The Balance: Life During COVID-19

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Since COVID-19 swept the globe, I have been quite fortunate on all accounts. I have a job and have had the last two years to adjust to working remotely. My family and I have all been healthy and safe. My husband’s company swiftly moved their clients to virtual training sessions and personally distributed supplies to ensure those clients were set up to continue during the quarantine. Aside from not having exactly what I want at the grocery store, I haven’t had much to complain about.


That began to change last night.


When my husband arrived home, he looked different. I asked him if he was ok and he quietly responded, “No.” After turning off the TV and closing my laptop, he informed me that his great aunt who has been in a San Francisco nursing home for the last year after suffering a stroke had tested positive for the coronavirus. Several of the nurses had tested positive and thus infected the residents. This upsetting news was made worse by preexisting issues both with her health and the quality of care she was receiving.


To add insult to injury, yesterday the U.S. Treasury announced that the Small Business Stimulus Plan had run out of money. So although my husband’s current clients were continuing to work with them, a large part of how they keep the lights on is by tending to the pipeline. The constraints we are all incurring with sheltering in place have prevented my husband’s staff from being effective in business development initiatives. Everyone in their industry has flocked to social media to maintain brand loyalty. It’s anyone’s game at this point.


As my husband was sharing his concerns, I could see the fear and despair in his eyes. We’d still be OK if things did take a turn for the worst with his business. However, aside from listening and hugging him, there was little I could do to make it better. I think it is safe to say that every American is desperately trying to find some reprieve, some certainty, some glimmer of hope that this too shall pass…and hopefully sooner than later.


With 22 million Americans filing for unemployment in the last four weeks, both employers and job seekers are attempting to figure out the best way to move forward. The federal government announced a 3-phase plan yesterday outlining recommendations and guidelines for reopening the United States. As both the nation’s health and the nation’s economy hang in the balance, panic is mounting.


I’m not a doctor. I’m not an economist. I have some intuitions about how this is going to go but also realize I only have power over today – right now at this moment and then the next. I’m not going to tell you that everything is going to be fine, nor am I going to further dramatize a sucky situation. What I do know is that one thing you can count on is that when Americans have their backs up against the wall, we become resourceful and stronger than ever.


Speaking directly to those of you who are without work, over the next few weeks my company (The Job Sauce) is going to be creating content to support you specifically: articles, podcasts, and webinars. I highly recommend that you take advantage of our resources and other experts on employment and career development. You can like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn to stay informed about new content that will support you in your job search.


If there are any job search questions you have or career topics you want to hear about, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected].


Stay safe and remember to wash your hands.

Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell

Jessica is Chief of Staff and VP of Resume Services. She has coached thousands of people in career planning, communication strategies, and relationship building throughout the U.S.

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